Annual Bluegrass going to seed

Every spring, while many grass varieties are just waking up, one variety of grass is already standing out. It is an unwanted and difficult-to-control grass called Annual Bluegrass. (Not to be confused with a good grass called Kentucky Bluegrass.)  Right now it is producing seedheads and sticks out in lawns.  For a few weeks every spring, annual bluegrass goes to seed before other varieties.  The seeds it produces help this grass to spread and make it difficult to control as the seeds drop into the soil.

If you ever want to try to control this aggressively spreading grass, this short timeframe when it goes to seed is the time to do it.   We recommend digging out the clumps of annual bluegrass, adding a thin layer of dirt and fresh grass seed.  Be careful when removing this grass not to spread the seeds and to properly dispose of the removed clumps.

Maple Tree Seedlings

The Maple Tree seedlings are back in full force this spring.  The warm spring weather has caused them to arrive early this year.

Many customers ask if our lawn care applications will control Maple Tree seedlings. The answer is yes, but there is an easier way. Maple Tree seedlings aren’t mowing-tolerant. Once the leaves are mowed off, the rest of the tree can’t survive, and they will die on their own. Don’t lower your mowing height to eliminate them early. They will be gone soon enough.