Snow Mold – Gray & Pink Patches

What are the gray or pink spots in my lawn?

Snow mold. There are typically two kinds of snow mold: Gray and pink. This disease is usually noticed as the snow melts in the spring. It is commonly found in those turf areas of greatest snow accumulation, such as along driveways or over the brink of a hill where snow drifts tend to accumulate. The most notable symptoms are white crusted areas of grass in which blades are dead, bleached, and matted together. Although this disease looks unsightly, it rarely causes permanent damage to your turf. A light raking of the affected areas will speed up the recovery. In most cases our spring application will stimulate enough growth to heal these areas.

Watering Guidelines

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and green, then water- ing is important. Warm temperatures will rapidly dry out the soil of a lawn. Here are a few watering tips you may find helpful: – Use water or sprinkle 1 inch of water per week, and even more when it is hot. – […]