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Spider, Wasp & Ant Control

Spider, Wasp & Ant Control

This outdoor spraying program controls spiders, wasps, hornets, fleas, ticks, ants, and dozens of other creepy crawling insects that invade the outside of your home and garage. We spray around the foundation of your home, behind shutters, under decks, behind basketball hoops, under eves, inside play equipment and many other places where insects make their nests. Not only are these insects a nuisance, but they also raise health and sanitary concerns. Treatments are friendly for children & pets and occur five times per season beginning in May and ending in September.  Below are just a few of the creepy crawling pests controlled by this program:

  • Hornet and Wasp Control

    bee-imageAre hornets or wasps ruining your BBQ?  Our insect control program does a great job keeping the bees away.  We specifically target decks and roof overhangs where their hives tend to be.  It is important to begin this program early to keep bees from establishing large colonies.

  • Spider Control

    spider-imageSpiders can take over if left unchecked, leaving behind a mess of webs turning your porch and deck into something better suited for Halloween.  Our unique insect control application not only gets rid of the spiders, but just about every other creepy, crawly insect that you don’t want around your home.

  • Ant & Earwig Control

    EarwigIt can be extremely difficult to keep these creatures from sneaking into your home, however our insect control works wonders on ants and earwigs.  We create a barrier around your home that keeps these insects and other creatures from invading your living space.

Cost of Service

The cost of this program is only $49 per application for most homes. There is an additional $10 charge for large, 2 story homes or homes with outbuildings.