Preparing your lawn and landscape for winter

Now that fall has arrived and your lawn growth has slowed, it’s time to turn your attention to winterizing your property. Here is a checklist of things that need to be done before winter arrives:

-Prepare for your last leaf cleanups:
-Clean any remaining leaves from the roof
-Clean the leaves out of your gutters
-Get all the remaining leaves out of your landscaping

-Make sure you lower your mowing height for the final mowing of the season.

-Winterize your underground sprinkler system. (We can refer a contractor if needed.)

-Take in your garden hoses, rain gauge, portable basketball hoops with water in the base, and anything that could gather water and freeze.

-Take in or cover your patio furniture and gas grill.

-Check your garage for anything that you may need over the winter or that could freeze.

-Clean your lawn mower, sharpen the blade, and add a fuel stabilizer for winter.

-Find your snow blower and make sure it starts. If it needs attention, be proactive-do it now before the repair shops are overwhelmed!